Teaching by Turns

I'm excited to share with you my idea for a new program that will help build a stronger town by providing opportunities for older and younger members of our community to interact with and learn from each other. It's called Teaching by Turns, and the idea is simple: young and old Corte Maderans take turns teaching each other about topics from a generation their audience might not be totally familiar with. With society rapidly changing, people can sometimes find it hard to relate to people they perceive as being "from another era." The divide goes both ways: today's youth sometimes feel that their elders don't understand the intricacies and pressures of our technology-driven present, while old

Thoughts on Veterans Day

There's a lot to like about a town like Corte Madera, but one thing I've noticed recently is the emphasis our community puts on thanking and respecting our veterans. At our Lion's Club meeting this past Thursday—three days before Veterans Day—I was struck by the fact that our chapter president, Fred Casissa, closed the meeting by recognizing all the veterans in attendance. One by one, Fred went around the room, asking each veteran present to stand up, introduce themselves, and tell the other members briefly about their service. The members clapped warmly after each veteran spoke. The following night, at the annual Corte Madera Volunteer Appreciation Dinner, the same recognition was performed

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