Flooding at The Cove School

It's fantastic that the Cove School was built, providing our community with a premier new elementary school in east Corte Madera and relieving crowding at Neil Cummins. What's not fantastic is that by three months after its opening in the fall of 2015, the Cove School had already flooded at least twice—once in December of 2015, and once while still under construction. The December 2015 flood was a rightful public outrage, with parents, local officials, and taxpayers alike asking how a brand-new school could have been built in Mariner Cove—a neighborhood known to suffer from flooding during adverse weather and tidal confluences—without taking the danger of flooding into account. Then-Town Man

Thoughts on Las Vegas

After Sunday's heartbreaking tragedy in Las Vegas, it's time to pause and reflect. The sheer magnitude of one of America's deadliest mass shootings—killing at least 59 and wounding more than 500—is difficult to grasp. 59, 500; these are mind-numbing figures that summon to the mind images of battle and warfare, not country music on a Sunday evening. To think of the number of lives upended or destroyed by one depraved gunman's villainy is by turns defeating and infuriating. This needless, entirely avoidable slaughter is merely the latest episode in a series of similar horrors that our country can't yet seem to shake. We are in the midst of an ongoing catastrophe, and one has to ask: why? Why d

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